Chuck Magid talks new TGO album pre-order, Fall Tour dates, and Boathouse Video Series

Hello Everybody!

Chuck Magid here from The Groove Orient.  I'm here to tell you a little more about what we have going on with The Groove Orient. 

First of all let me give you a little back story.  So we have been touring regularly ever since early 2015 when "Bucky" joined the band.  After a couple tours we decided it was time to get back into the recording studio.  So for the last year and a half we have been recording our new album and it is finally being mixed and mastered.  It took us so long to record because we were constantly on the road performing and we had to record this ablum whenever we were all back in town and available.  


So this past summer the band took a little break from performing live.  We've been going at it now for a little over 5 years and have never taken more than a month off from performing.  So while getting everything organized to make this record come to life we have taken the last 4 months off from touring.  All the members went their separate ways.  I went to Europe for a couple weeks, Harry went to Europe for a while, Bucky has been performing and road tripping, David went to school in NYC for a month, and Tommy jumped on tour with Heather Gillis Band and is now enjoying some family time in Michigan.  We just announce our Fall Tour dates which will be our first shows back as a full unit since April!  We are looking forward to finally getting back on the road fresh and rejuvenated and brining you more energy than ever before.

So where are we now and why are we here?  After working on this record and years of brainstorming we kept coming back to the same question..."How do we make this release as impactful as an independent band possibly can"?  The answer was actually more simple than we thought.  YOU our fans, friends, and family. 

In the modern day music industry fans are taking the place of the record labels in the form of crowd funding campaigns.  So to raise the proper funding to create, produce / manufacture, and promote and market this album we have created a pre-order opportunity through  PledgeMusic is similar to Kickstarter or GoFundMe however it is only for musicians and musical projects.  By pre-ordering this album ahead of the release you will be providing The Groove Orient with the financial backing that a record label / record deal would.  You are actually becoming our record label!  This way we have the proper funding to blow this album up and we still get to maintain control of our creative process and for that we can't thank you enough.

The new album, "The Groove Orient",  will be a collection of at least 10 songs.  We might be throwing in a couple bonus tracks...  Our first two EP's had 5 songs on one and 6 on the other so the new album alone will be our first LP.  Being our debut full length album we have decided to self title it "The Groove Orient".  We will be releasing it as a double vinyl which will be exclusive to your pre-order on  And by pre-ordering this album you will be receiving the new record before anybody else in the world.  

Pre-order the new album "The Groove Orient" here


We chose to go the route of PledgeMusic because it caters to the idea of this record being available for pre-order.  With PledgeMusic you can be a part of the release process from the beginning and you can help us ensure that we will have the resources necessary to make this album release be The Groove Orients biggest splash to date. 

We have a ton of options for all of our pledgers to pick from.  We have signed CD's, double vinyl, signed guitars, BBQ with the band, we will even write a song for you, or show up to your house with all our gear and throw down for your very own house concert.  And with every pledge you will be helping us produce, mix + master, and properly promote and market this album, taking TGO to the next level.

So I encourage you to check out our PledgeMusic store at the link here and pre-order your copy of our new album today.

Are you ready to get Oriented!?   Design by Jimmy Rector

Are you ready to get Oriented!? 

Design by Jimmy Rector

 Fall Tour 2018

So Fall Tour 2018.... where do I begin.  I am beyond pumped to get back on the road with the guys and hit it harder than ever.  Every body has grown so much musically in the last four months and I'm excited to see what happens out on the road. 

This tour is a going to be a special one.  Not only because it is the tour leading us to the release of our new record, but because we are hitting so many new spots!  I am particularly excited for our 3 day run at The Green Parrot in Key West, FL with Kaleigh Baker.  Been trying to book this gig for a while and Its cool to see it finally happen.  Also excited for the bands NYC debut at Rockwood Music Hall and to be performing in the northeast for the first time.  I know I single these shows out but I'm just as excited for our Headlining Florida dates.  We will be playing in Orlando at Wills Pub, Tampa at Crowbar, Boca at The Funky Biscuit, Gainesville at Heartwood Soundstage, Jacksonville at 1904, and Miami at Wynwood Yard.  We will be playing with some epic bands such as Electric Kif, Leisure Chief, Guavatron, Locochino, Spore and much more.  Scope the full schedule below.

And don't worry we are still filling in some gaps on this tour and will be announcing a handful more dates in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned!


The Boathouse Sessions video series

So if you've been keeping tabs on the band lately we have been releasing videos from a new series called "The Boathouse Sessions".  We filmed 3 videos of songs that will be on the new record in an old boathouse! ; ) This boathouse is pretty cool and happens to be the dock of my grandparents house in Central FL.  It is actually illegal to build boathouses like this anymore because of current regulations, making this boathouse that much more bad ass.

It usually has work out equipment in it like a treadmill, a bench press, a stationary bike, weights and things like that.  So just getting all the workout equipment out of this room was quite the task.  Then to lug all of our gear around the house through the grass and into the dock was another.  It probly took us about 4-5 hours of prep before we got sound recording, just to find out that we needed to run to guitar center or radio shack for some dongle before we could actually record. 

Its always so much prep to be ready to record a couple minutes of video.  But looking at the videos now I think it was well worth the work.  Aaron "Bucky" Buckingham brought his mobile recording studio to the boathouse and set up shop and really made the audio come to life.  Our good friend Arielle D'Ornellas filmed this video series and we can't thank her enough for always working with us and making our vision come to life through the lens.

Check out the Boathouse Video series below and let us know what video concepts you would like to see us do in the future!

Well that is it for now.  I can reassure you that we will be flooding the internet with new content and material throughout our PledgeMusic campaign.  So be sure to check back in soon.  If you like what we are doing and want consistent updates throughout the campaign and beyond please sign up for our email list where we send out monthly newsletters informing you of all things TGO. 


Thanks so much guys for the support and we'll see you down the road!  Now go get yourself that new record!

Pre-Order the new record here!