Meet The Groove Orients newest member: Aaron Buckingham

Aaron Buckingham

Name: Aaron Buckingham

Aka: Bucky

Age: 26

Date of Birth: 01/21/90

Hometown: Plant City, FL

Instrument: Drums

Make/Model: Battlefield Drum Co. / Bucky Signature Series 

Q: How long have you been drumming?

A: My whole life.  I have been drumming since I was 1 or 2 years old.  My dad is a drummer so I was born into it.  I wanted to be loud and obnoxious just like my dad. 

Q: Who would you say are some of your biggest drum influences?

A: I wouldn't say that I have a favorite drummer but one of my biggest influences is Levon Helm from The Band.  That guy was the first drummer that made me understand and feel groove.  Then another influence would have to be Benny Greb.  He's a big clinician and really has helped develop a lot of drummers.  Also Clyde Stubblefield from James Brown Band.

Q: Whats your favorite drink?

A: Whiskey and milkshakes...strawberry milkshakes

Q: What are your musical goals?

A: My musical goals...?  Well my dream is to to be in Justin Timberlakes band.  He is the man.  But I just want to be submersed in music 24/7 whether its production, performing, engineering.  I just want to be doing anything and everything musical for the rest of my life.  Take Quest Love for example.  He's always moving always traveling.  He produces records, he drums on The Tonight Show with The Roots, then he's flying somewhere to DJ.  He's a perfect example of a successful working musician and I guess I want to be like Quest Love.  Staying Busy.

Q: What are you looking forward to most by joining The Groove Orient?

A: I'm looking forward to challenging myself and getting better.  Playing with high caliber musicians and playing some killer shows is always a plus.  

Q: What are some other musical projects you have been a part of?

A: Some other musical projects I have been a part of are Oxford Noland.  Its a duo group that I play drums and synth in and my cousin plays guitar and sings.  Watch out for Oxford Noland.  Also Josh Lamkin is a project that I've been a part of for years now.  He's an amazing guitar player from the Tampa / St. Pete area and thats actually how  I met Harry is from that group.  I also played with RJ Harman and Company for a year or so and I used to play guitar in Metal and Punk bands.


Q: So your first show as The Groove Orients drummer was Suwannee Hulaween?  How was that as your debut gig?

A: I was really excited but at the same time was really stressed man.  I had about three weeks notice before the show and I think we got in maybe...maybe six rehearsals to learn some serious material.  But the show went great the crowd packed in after a song or two and it was definitely a show to remember.

Photo by: Jonny Scoblionko

Photo by: Jonny Scoblionko

Q: What are you looking forward to most about 2016?

A:  I'm looking forward to playing some serious shows with some serious musicians.  And opening for some big bands and meeting cool people along the way.

Q: What is your favorite show you have ever been a part of?

A: Well I used to play guitar in a punk band called The Scarlet Farewell and we had our farewell show and the energy for that show was crazy!  Those punk shows get people going and we had a bunch of inflatable pool toys flying around and people were beating people with inflatable alligators and stuff it was crazy.  That one still sticks with me.

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?

A: I see me being a lot better musician, five years is a long time.  I see us headlining tours and playing a lot of festival late night slots... I'm looking forward to what the future has to bring. 

Watch out for Bucky and The Groove Orient coming to a city near you!  You can check out TGO's tour schedule at the link below and also check out Bucky's "Sponsor Me Video"  its too good not to share.